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Email Marketing Plan

BH Email Basic
    • Unlimited Contacts
    • Send 1M Emails per Month
    • Email Designer
    • Unlimited Reporting
    • Real Time Reports
    • SMTP Access


BH Email Custom Plan
    • Unlimited Contacts
    • Send 2M Emails per Month
    • Email Designer
    • Unlimited Reporting
    • Real Time Reports
    • SMTP Access


Turn Emails into Revenue

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach your audience.

At BucketHost, we help you get the most out of your email campaigns and never miss a beat. We offer email marketing services that make it easy for you to create and schedule emails, and track opens, clicks, replies, and unsubscribes—and we’ve got the experience and expertise to make sure they’re delivered at optimal times. 

With targeted and engaging emails that encourage more customers to open, click, and purchase, you can increase your revenue. We specialize in turning emails into revenue—and we’re so good at it that our clients never have to worry about their emails again!

Level up your email marketing efforts

Email is the simplest way to keep in touch with customers and raise awareness of your brand, so if you’re not doing it well, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Email marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of the right people. BucketHost has been helping companies like yours for years, and we know how to use email marketing to make your business grow. We provide a suite of services that will help you set up an email marketing campaign that’s tailored to your business, send out the right emails at the right time, and track the results of each campaign.


Email Marketing For Everyone

Deliver personalized emails

Deliver personalized emails based on customers’ purchasing habits, responses to surveys, interactions with chat, and support tickets to encourage loyalty and business growth.

Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Get a head start with pre-built journeys that enable you to cross-sell your products, recover abandoned carts, re-engage existing customers, and win new ones.

Convert more customers at scale

Set up automation that sends emails based on a customer's behavior and increases traffic and sales at the same time.

faq help

Frequently Asked Questions

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to your customers and potential customers. You can use email marketing to promote your products, services, or content; send newsletters; collect customer data; and much more.

How can I get more people to open my emails?

Create subject lines that beg to be opened in order to increase your open rate. Every day, users receive hundreds of emails; your subject line is your chance to impress. Try including emojis, humor, controversy, questions, or a personalized feature in your subject lines if you want to make them stand out. The user is more likely to be drawn in by these subject lines and to request an opening.

How long should my email campaigns be?

An email can be any length you want it to be. This is a fantastic opportunity to share a variety of content, including announcements, upcoming events, or other significant information if you distribute a monthly newsletter. The one-column format can also be used by businesses to share a single piece of content. In order to pique the viewer's interest, this minimalist layout is easy to read and pleasing to the eye. Emails with one column are ideal for sharing event invitations or blogs.