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99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our experts will never let your website faces downtime issues, we will also give you the best website and mobile application loading speed.

Safe and Secured

Secure your personal and professional information \with us. We help you to secure all your details in our automated system.

Our Dedicated Support

Buckethost professional and dedicated team support is available for 24*7 hours for our customers to serve them.

We Offer


Faster Hosting Service

We offer faster windows hosting server to our customers for their windows operating system, which can be operated faster.

Storage Capacity

Buckethost offers you a most secure and next generation storage capacity, where you can store your unlimited data.

Technical Rescue

We have solution of all your technical issues, you don’t have to hire any technical expert and will not face any issue regarding that.

Supports Upgraded Version

Our team provides you the windows hosting server which provides support to all the windows version.

Expertise Team

We have a melange of experts, who put their in depth knowledge and efforts to make you stay ahead in the competitive market.

Fully Secure

Our website hosting server is fully secure in any case, we will never leak your information and protect your from hackers.

Days money back guarantee

Not Satisfied! - Take your money back in 30 days, we will refund you within 30 days and it’s our guarantee.

Build and protect your brand

With us make your own brand and protect and we help you to protect and maintain your image with our effective service.